1. jawindustries

    Steel-It Painters

    I have a truck frame that I’m looking to get painted with Steel-It. Does anyone know of any paint shops in Lake Elsinore area that specialize in spraying this paint? I’d like to find someone that has experience with this product.
  2. outlaws4x4

    Steel it or powder coating

    Right guys n girls Steel it's been around long enough now to get a good comparison so I would like an un biased results please. What is better and why, steel it or powder coating? Which holds up better for longer?
  3. Bink Designs

    STEEL-IT Coatings - Who Run's It?

    From our experience with powder coating products on some of our display vehicles and trying to keep them maintained was very difficult, we recently found a solution to our problem STEEL-IT Stainless Steal Coatings. We are now finding out that many other teams of the sport that run the product as...