1. in2baja

    MAG-7 pit support 2018 NORRA

    Hola 2018 NORRA racers.... This is the voice of MAG-7. We have been prepping for the 2018 NORRA Mexican 1000 since Nov. 2017. I have lost track of the number of NORRA round-table meetings and email tweaks over the last few months. I picked a great hobby!!!! MAG-7 will be providing full...
  2. in2baja

    NORRA Pit Support. Details & WAY good news

    Good morning NORRA fans. This is the "voice" of MAG-7 pit services. We have been working very closely with NORRA since May of LAST year as the course for 2016 was worked out. With the exception of the "known" destination cities, I cannot reveal specific routing / town names etc. BUT, as of a...
  3. in2baja

    MAG-7 Pit Support plan for 2016 Baja-250

    Good morning Baja racers. Attached is the Magnificent 7 pit plan for the 2106 Baja 250. We have been supporting desert racers since 1967. We love what we do! ALL classes of racer are supported. FULL pits at RM 110, 178, 214 SPLASH pit for all moto classes at RM 55. WE provide all dump cans...
  4. in2baja

    A new "final" MAG-7 pit plan due to course changes

    Good morning race fans. As we all know, there have been several B1K course changes recently. In order to maintain an approx 50-55 mile spacing of our pits, we made some tweaks. Nothing really dramatic, but, some shifting on our map. The map is attached. Registration for pit support ends at...
  5. in2baja

    MAG-7 Baja 1000 Pit plan and NEW info for you

    Good morning race fans and racers, MAG-7 has been hard at work since the official Baja 1000 course map was released. Since we now have approx 840 miles of pain & fun, we adjusted our "pre-SCORE map" plan. We INCREASED the number of pits and, believe it or not, LOWERED the cost for support...