1. Proformance Motorsport

    Tire Inflation/Deflation - Is it Legal in BITD/SCORE ?

    Are there any restrictions in running CTIS (Central Tire Inflation Systems) in SCORE or BITD? We are planning to include CTIS standard in our new V8 SXS 4X4 Buggies and wanted to ensure our customers can legally use it competing in Score/BITD events Deflate and inflate as you drive with...
  2. havahockey

    HighRev RZR Vehicle Feature

    Finally got my utv all done so shot it in the studio a few weeks ago and put up a vehicle feature on the site. Check it out and let me know what ya think!
  3. Wantedone

    On Topic (UTV) Barstow to whisky petes

    My wife and I want to make a run from barstow to primm aka Whiskey Pete’s Hotel Casino. We have a stock car 2019 xp4 turbo S, does the stock tank hold enough fuel ? Is it possible to make the trip purely off road or do we have to occasionally drive on city roads. Also any tips or spare parts we...
  4. M

    RJ Anderson's XP1K4 is now live!

  5. GormanRally

    Gorman Ridge Rally Welcomes SxS UTVs to 8/20/16 Event

    The organizers of Gorman Ridge Rally have announced the addition of SxS UTVs to the August 20, 2016 rally, 60 miles north of Los Angeles in Hungry Valley SVRA. Rules are classes can be found at: 2016 Gorman Ridge Rally Includes SxS UTVs – Gorman Ridge Rally Brian and Stacey Hamblin 2016 Gorman...