1. A

    Area 51 Films comes to Desert Racing - HELLO EVERYONE!!!

    Check out what we do and see if you might like to see more of it in the future!!! We use high speed racing drones that we custom build to film motorsports! check out what we captured in this teaser for the TDRA Race at the Texana Ranch...
  2. D

    2018 TDRA West Texas 250

    The West Texas 250 is finally coming! The dates are confirmed, the ranch looks great, we actually are going to have access to sections of track that haven't been run since 2012! We are very excited to welcome all of the new and returning racers in all classes including handlebars and...
  3. John F2000

    TDRA Lonestar 200 (VIDEO) 2017

    First Lap Short edit Video: Complete First Lap Video: My son and I went to race the TDRA (Texas Desert Racing Association) Lonestar 200 in Notrees Texas this year. Wanted to thank Trey for making us feel very welcome and putting on a great event. The off road community couldn’t have been...
  4. D

    Texas Desert Racing Association Lonestar 200 2017

    Texas Desert Racing Association Lonestar 200 Final race of the TDRA 2017 season. 2017 TDRA Lonestar 200 Hess Racing a.k.a BunchaDicks Racing collected two season 2nd place trophies for the season.
  5. D

    2017 TDRA Texana 180 Race To Midnight

    This race is all about having a good time and enjoying the Texana Ranch. Texana is roughly 5000 acres of desert racing, exotic animals, a great swimming pool and good summer fun! With RV hookups and camping available, the grounds are a great place to stay, but if you need a hotel they are about...
  6. D

    Texas Desert Racing Association 2017 Twin 150's

    Texas Desert Racing Association 2017 Twin 150's, Notress, TX On the last weekend in April, members of the Texas Desert Racing Association gathered at their familiar battleground west of Odessa Texas near the small town of Notrees. It was time once again for one of our favorite races, the Twin...