texas desert racing

  1. TORRA

    Nice Vid of Car/Truck Overall Winner

    Driver: Pat Sims Navigator: David Walser
  2. TORRA

    Trailer - 175 Miles in Sierra Blanca, TX

  3. TORRA

    CAGEwrx newest TORRA Contingency sponsor for 2017

    TORRA is excited to announce our newest contingency sponsor for 2017. With five entrants in any UTV class, those utilizing a CAGEwrx cage and donning CAGEwrx decals will win $250 for 1st in class, $100 for 2nd in class and $50 for 3rd in class! Off Road Racing in Texas just got a little bit more...
  4. TORRA

    TORRA - Buffalo Soldier 200

    The Buffalo Soldier 200 will start in down town Sierra Blanca, TX. Traveling clockwise around the 95 mile loop the racers will be on the fastest portion of the course until around race mile 23 where the road narrows and starts to wind it's way up to Indian Hot Springs Ranch where the drop offs...
  5. TORRA

    The Tejas Off Road Racing Association is Expanding in 2017

    Racers will have the opportunity to compete in five TORRA events next season. We are excited to announce that negotiations are ongoing with an international off road racing association to combine resources for a dual event next spring. Meetings held today with a large ranch owner near Ft...
  6. Bear Grass

    Pre Run the Vaquero 400 before you get there!

    Pre Run the Vaquero 400 before you get there! Race Miles 50-75 bring you to Hwy 192 on the backside of the mountain where racers will hop off onto the humps, bumps and jumps paralleling the pavement for several miles before dropping off into the byuca for a stretch of wide open wash sand, rock...