1. PDANK Racing

    Lucas Oil Partners With Crandon, Bark River and ERX To Form New Short Course OffRoad Racing Platform

    Just released on facebook by Bark river raceway. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unified! Lucas Oil Partners with Bark River, Crandon and ERX Tracks to Form New Short Course Off Road Racing Platform ~2018 To See Lucas Oil join Midwest tracks and PRO Classes ~New Four Event Championship...
  2. baja619

    Tom Morris Named Competition Director for Crandon World Cup

    You all have been asking for a union & the short course world, well this is one big step forward. Tom Morris Named Competition Director for Crandon World Cup CRANDON, Wisconsin (July 25, 2017) – In preparation for its Labor Day weekend Crandon World Cup event, Crandon International Raceway...
  3. M

    Brian Deegan:Yard Work

    Finally get to share this one with the universe! Brian Deegan’s new video Yardwork is live now! Brian Deegan 38 was shredding and boosting! Produced by Mad Media Directed by The Martelli Brothers #yardwork #Deegan38 #monsterenergy #madmedia Check it out!
  4. ttull001

    Best way to start?

    I want to get into either LOORS Pro Buggy or Torc Pro Lite, leaning more towards Torc since I live in Virginia. Just curious if I should look into buying a pre-built/used vehicle first or start building my own? I still need to really read through the rulebooks for both, but just need some...
  5. Bridges

    TORC "LIVE" right now - Twin City Showdown

    THIS is what PROFESSIONAL "LIVE STREAM" Off Road Racing coverage should look like. And NOW it does. Thank You MSI bravo! Live – TORC "click TORC link"
  6. Bridges

    The FANS "Take Control" of their Off Road Racing Experience at TORC

    TORC Series announces "LIVE" WEB STREAMING fan cam experience. THE FANS TAKE CONTROL! TI "LIVE ACTION" WEBSITE FEATURES INCLUDE" >>SATELLITE TRACKING - TI has partnered with IRC to bring you LIVE satellite tracking. The IriTrack® Satellite Tracking System is...