toyo tires

  1. Toyo Time

    New to Participating

    I've been reading Race Dezert for years now. I've met many people at races and can consider myself a huge enthusiast. This is the first time I've started to write and ask questions. I'm very happy to become part of the "desert familia."
  2. Bridges

    fBf - Robby GORDON/Riley HERBST B1K Qualify SEMA 2014

    ON the GAS. - TT#77 RMFG - CODOG Riley Herbst
  3. Klaus

    Dakar 2016 - Prologue - Buenos Aires > Rosario

    Welcome to the 2016 edition of Dakar! We have a daily thread with updates and contributions from all over the world. This community is amazing and has grown over the years to one of the most valued Dakar intel places on the internet. Just like competitors and crews are from virtually every...
  4. Klaus

    Ask Robby and Sheldon Anything

    Feel free to post your questions for Robby Gordon and Sheldon Creed anything you like regarding Dakar 2016. We will collect the best questions and sit down with both of them to get them answered as best as possible and then post the answers here. Deadline is end of day today... so get them in on...
  5. Klaus

    RDC + Toyo = Dakar 2016

    We have been a bit busy behind the scenes with our Dakar preparations so little got published on our Dakar plans for 2016. Earlier this week I shipped my car out of Long Beach, California to go straight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our A.S.O. paperwork is mostly filed (deadline November 30th)...