trophy truck

  1. Z

    PISTOL PETES WRECKED tt spec (crashed by dead beats who wont pay)

    On October 27th Tim Kennedy contacted me and explained how his "billionaire" son, Terry, wanted to start racing offroad and wanted a trophy truck, so I told him I know where a tt spec was and told him the price. Tim said, "Great sounds good. Let's meet this weekend." When we arrived, Terry said...
  2. Class10DAN


    hey guys, i was looking on a Reddit on stuff about the 1k and i saw that someone had set up a go fund me. wen i read into it it was none other the coco himself, the go fund me was to give back to coco, no one has the spirit of the 1000 like coco, he is the most kind, humble, giving person ever...
  3. Austin Quick


    Name is Sauce (@saucethebosss). I've been filming/editing for over ten years and doing it professionally for about five, predominately shooting BMX and MOTO where I've done everything from high end Instagram montages, to vlogs, to full length documentary style videos. I grew up riding dirt...
  4. W

    2 Young Bucks willing to work/learn - Baja 1000

    We both know this is a LONG shot but thought, why not? I have recently graduated college with a good friend of mine, both mechanical engineering degrees and have both worked for the Top 3 auto manufacturers while we were in school. As well as working with Ford Performance on the off-road side...
  5. Vegasphotoman

    2017 Pahrump Nugget 250 VIDEO Compilation All racers 800ft from start! EPIC!

    I have clips of each racer, if you participated and want to get a free clip email me Paul Cichocki (702)274-0162 cell photography if you embed video on your website lease credit me : Paul Cichocki & or "Vegasphotoman" my youtube...
  6. outlaws4x4

    HELP!!!! FOX 4.0 & 4.4 Byapass CAD files

    Hi guys iv have looked high and low and i cant find a cad file for a FOX 4.0 and 4.4 Bypass shocks. i don't have access to any either otherwise i would just draw them up. i am currently finishing off the design for my new trophy truck and i need the dimensions for correct fitment in the new...
  7. UTVinc

    Vegas to Reno Trick Truck Race Report

    Johnny Angal TT63 – Polaris RZR – Vegas to Reno 2017 We will call this report ‘Mind Games’ So… after the Method Race Wheels Laughlin Classic, a race we finished in 6th place, in the new to us Trophy Truck we would start getting the truck ready for Vegas to Reno. Since my truck prep guy...
  8. KyleChandler

    Casey Currie New Trophy Truck | MINT 400

    Check out the action from The Mint 400
  9. UTVinc

    My Rage at the River Video 1st TT Race is up

    Huge shout out to Tuba Art always killing it on coverage of the races
  10. UTVinc

    First Time Ive Driven a Trick Truck Rage Report

    SNORE Rage at the River Johnny Angal Polaris RZR Racing Race Report Unlimited Truck Category Well damn, yep another race report but this one’s a little different! After racing a full season in Best in the Desert in the Spec Class Trick Truck and finishing off the year in Second Place in...
  11. J


    Hey All, We wanted to give you a glimpse of this incredible Prerunner that we are working on. Chassis and suspension built by FINAMORE FAB, Engine by LEON PATTON. Super clean, solid fabrication by Finamore, Fast small block by Leon and we are very excited to build it out, here at FAST ON WHEELS...
  12. Toyo Time

    New to Participating

    I've been reading Race Dezert for years now. I've met many people at races and can consider myself a huge enthusiast. This is the first time I've started to write and ask questions. I'm very happy to become part of the "desert familia."
  13. Bridges

    fBf - Robby GORDON/Riley HERBST B1K Qualify SEMA 2014

    ON the GAS. - TT#77 RMFG - CODOG Riley Herbst
  14. M

    BJ Baldwin poster

    We are always trying to come up with ways to explain how remarkable off-road vehicles are. We came up with this poster as a way to show people what it felt like when you are in the cockpit of a trophy truck. Then on the backside we created a cut away to illustrate the massive amount of travel...
  15. M

    Documentary - Trophy Truck

    Hi - I am looking for a trophy truck driver or fabricator in the Los Angeles/SoCal/Barstow/ Mojave/Las Vegas for a documentry about off road racing. Around March 31st we would like to tour the garage and then see the vehicle in action for a test drive. Please let me know if you are interested!
  16. John F2000

    F2000 featured in SEMA Battle of the Builders tonight 7:00/10:00pm pac/eastern

    SEMA Battle of the Builders Premiers tonight 7:00pm pacific 10:00 pm eastern on Velocity Network, featuring the F2000 and a beautiful Chevy Colorado pre-runner representing the off-road community in a heavy hotrod and import line up. Bud Brutsman of BCII the producer of the show is an...
  17. pasqualebaldi

    2015 Henderson 250 Baldi Racing helicopter footage

    Hey guys! Just sharing some helicopter footage of Baldi Racing at the Henderson 250 race last weekend.
  18. T

    Fabrication school?

    Hi, my names Tyler i am 18 years old about to graduate high school and am really interested in fabrication in the off road industry as well as fabrication on cars in general. I have been riding since i was 3 and have been in the off-road atmosphere majority of my life. I was looking into fab...