1. TwistyItch

    Legacy Alamo to Pahrump - thirsty yet?

    Hey guys, we've reactivated the RDC discount on LiquidAider. It's good for $20 off the MSRP and it's the lowest price you can find. We'll be there at the race and can help with install and support. Please look for us at contingency and see how easy you can drink water with our wireless push...
  2. Jammminjay

    Nikola EV NZT UTV

    Despite all the fraudulent accusations and controversies of Nikola as I wanted to get your opinion on their All-Electric NZT UTV. To start production in 2021 according to their website. This may or may not happen, there are some videos of people driving them around a parking lot but an electric...
  3. Gearhead Grind

    Any DP4 Racers Here?

    Hey all, I have raced one round of of the AVE Pure series so far this year and am also signed up for the upcoming round of DP4 racing. Are there any special requirements I should keep in mind? For example I was hoping to see what people are running for fuel mats in the pits. Thanks!
  4. Larry Negrete Jr

    Can-Am X3 GIVEAWAY

    I heard BikeBandit is giving away a Can-Am Maverick X3 and a bunch of other prizes in early 2020. Just signed up for FREE. Here's the link for all of you guys to sign up if you're interested! https://www.bikebandit.com/xtreme
  5. Larry Negrete Jr

    Can-Am X3 GIVEAWAY

    I heard BikeBandit is giving away a Can-Am Maverick X3 and a bunch of other prizes in early 2020. Just signed up for FREE. Here's the link for all of you guys to sign up if you're interested! https://www.bikebandit.com/xtreme
  6. havahockey

    HighRev RZR Vehicle Feature

    Finally got my utv all done so shot it in the studio a few weeks ago and put up a vehicle feature on the site. Check it out and let me know what ya think! http://rdc.link/highrevutv
  7. Wantedone

    On Topic (UTV) Barstow to whisky petes

    My wife and I want to make a run from barstow to primm aka Whiskey Pete’s Hotel Casino. We have a stock car 2019 xp4 turbo S, does the stock tank hold enough fuel ? Is it possible to make the trip purely off road or do we have to occasionally drive on city roads. Also any tips or spare parts we...
  8. Austin Quick


    Name is Sauce (@saucethebosss). I've been filming/editing for over ten years and doing it professionally for about five, predominately shooting BMX and MOTO where I've done everything from high end Instagram montages, to vlogs, to full length documentary style videos. I grew up riding dirt...
  9. T

    Safecraft auto fire suppression system failure

    I want to start this thread with finding out if there has been any known Safecraft failures out there? Please respond to me either thru this thread or privately. I have had two car fires, the first one had the Safecraft system fail to trigger. The fire was extinguished immediately by my pit...
  10. brad_dusty

    Dusty Motorsports New Fresh Air Pumper - Super Low Amp Draw & Dual Fans

    Dusty Motorsports offers a new Fresh Air pumper that is a "true" dual pumper. Our billet aluminum pumper has two separate fans that can be wired individually for driver/co driver. It is extremely powerful and has the lowest amp draw than any two person pumper on the market. It runs at 1.6 amps...
  11. Scott Sappington

    2904 Desert Toyz Race report from San Felipe

    Desert Toyz 2904 race report San Felipe The 2018 San Felipe 250 (318 mile) is in the books. It all started on Wednesday morning when we rolled out of Peoria at 12:15 am, we meet up with Paul Champion #1955 in Yuma and headed for Calexico. Not 30 miles out of Yuma and Paul had a flat on his toy...
  12. M

    2017 Legends Rally (October 6th-9th) registration now open!

    Wanted to post it here first before we made it public. All UTV makes welcome! Newbies welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is designed to share our passion for off-roading in Baja with new people. The Legends Rally
  13. M

    RJ Anderson's XP1K4 is now live!

  14. RaquelM

    Oceanside Warehouse Sale! October 8th.

    SideBySideUTVParts.com is having a HUGE Warehouse Sale Saturday, October 8th 9am-2pm. We will be blowing out tires, wheels, harnesses, shocks, audio, exhausts, lights, and more! Open box and overstock pricing. We have parts and accessories for all UTV's and off-road vehicles. Event Details...
  15. NorNev525

    LSR Built RZR looking for partners

    We will be entering our first season of BITD in 2017 and are trying to partner with someone for pits and knowledge... We have 2 trucks an RV and our race car and trailer. We have the money to hire people and pay for lodging but would prefer an experienced team that would be willing to let us pay...
  16. U

    UTV Rally Raid Round 5!

    Come join us! For more information visit our website: utvrallyraid.com
  17. M

    We have a UTV Problem

    We have a problem in off-road. Well over a million UTVs have been sold in the United States since 2011 alone thus creating an influx of new off-road enthusiasts. Admittedly, many of today’s UTV enthusiasts have come into the sport with great knowledge of off-road, but there is a large segment of...
  18. GormanRally

    Gorman Ridge Rally Welcomes SxS UTVs to 8/20/16 Event

    The organizers of Gorman Ridge Rally have announced the addition of SxS UTVs to the August 20, 2016 rally, 60 miles north of Los Angeles in Hungry Valley SVRA. Rules are classes can be found at: 2016 Gorman Ridge Rally Includes SxS UTVs – Gorman Ridge Rally Brian and Stacey Hamblin 2016 Gorman...
  19. DSchenkelberg

    Drag Racing UTV?!

    Saw this at my local drag strip when I was out photographing a race. Built by Alba Motorsports ! I will add more photographs soon! www.DanielSchenkelberg.com
  20. jbust1

    im looking to buy a rzr. just don't know which one handles best

    im looking to buy a xp 1000 turbo. my problem is im not sure which one. the 2 or 4 seater. i don't have kids. but i like to do long rides.. i been riding in baja for the last 5 five years. know i want to do it in a rzr. maybe start doing week trips. my question is which rzr perform better in...