1. Klouczech

    KARTCROSS /// 120hp, 320Kg (Videos)

    Hello, I started to race in KARTCROSS division this year a here is my video from my first race:
  2. Stay Hot

    2016 parker 425 Raw Footage.

    i see alot of video on youtube that have songs that drown out the amazing sound of a V8 engine tapped out. put Just some footage we got @ the Parker 425 This year just the raw footage
  3. A

    Media for the Laughlin Desert Classic

    I raced in the laughlin desert classic this past weekend and can never find a list of people taking video or pictures at the events. I want to find a video or pictures, if anyone has them of the 7294 truck jumping the road crossing on the first lap Saturday. Speak up if you have it!!
  4. pasqualebaldi

    2015 Henderson 250 Baldi Racing helicopter footage

    Hey guys! Just sharing some helicopter footage of Baldi Racing at the Henderson 250 race last weekend.