weddle gears

  1. C

    Ring & pinion gears

    Anyone out there have Ring & Pinion gears for a Mendeola 2D transmission laying around they need to get rid of or help someone out. It could be a 486 or 515 that are in newer condition. Tia Chad 7147139796
  2. Jeffers909

    Weddle Industries Swinger Shootout - January 25, 2020 - Slash X, California

  3. Bear Grass

    TORRA The Big Picture - Just Some of Our Goals!

    TORRA’s goal is to be the best Off Road Racing Organization in Texas in year one. TORRA’s goal is to have 4 major races in 2016, at least 5 in 2017 and at least 6 in 2018. TORRA’s goal is to be International by at least 2017. TORRA’s goal is to have as many different Major Tracks as it has...