02 f150 4x4


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Hey guys I have an 02 f150 4x4 and I want to long travel it I’m having a hard time trying to find a kit for the front end. I’m not looking to go full race mode because I live in Tennessee now so any suggestions on how I should go about it. I have never built a prerunner or long traveled anything so would it be better to buy a kit or build my own I have a buddy with a lot of welding experience that can teach me how to weld I want to do it on my own but I kind a need advice. I want to do a long travel Devers set up for the rear and I don’t wanna do a full bed cage set up I just want to cut holes in the bed and run the cage towards the front end of the bed because I still want to Utilize the bed and I have another question if I long travel the rear with long travel leaf springs and shocks would I still be able to toe maybe a 30 foot RV with the long travel set up in the rear or would that droop too much