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04 chevy silverado preruner axle


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i have a 04 silverado 1500 2wd and the spider gears went out on me. stock axle stock gears on 37" projects. what do u guys recommend running? i want something stronger than stock but not over 1500.
i am going with 4.56s gears for sure. and im thinking of running an AUBURN limited slip to get rid of the spider gears.
It is going to be street driven so i want the limited slip. in the future locker will be in mind.

Shop quoted me 1260 installed for gears and AUBURN limited slip, seals and all that. Is this a good way to go or what do u guys recommend??

FYI i have deavers with fox 18" 2.5 bypasses, cst long travel kit up front with fox 10" 2.5 coilovers


TBH man i would save money for a built rear end, specially with the setup you have now. You cant expect to have stronger than stock axles and gears for 1500 bucks. I learned, that way as well. I would rebuild the rear end you have now for as cheap as you can, and baby the truck until you can get a currie or camburg with 35 spline axles and built housing. Other wise itll just keep happening again and again.


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DUDE Don't spend that much money, the same exact thing happened to me a few days ago... I have the stock 10 bolt with 37 projects as well.. I just bought the 4 spider gears for 160.00 for a temporary fix until I get a bigger axle. Put the gears in yourself it's so easy if you need help let me know, or look on youtube. Get a Ford 9" with 4.56s