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05 Chevy front glass install ?


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Has anybody installed glassworks glass front fenders for an 05 Silverado. Just wondering if you learned any tricks or saw things you would have different if you were to do it again. Anything would help, thanks.


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It all depends on what you are puttin on for suspension reasons. If your goin the long travel root then i would suggest just takin the whole inner and outer fender off as one piece and not drilling out all the spot weld. I did this on my 2000 GMC fullsize with glassworks fenders and i only had to drill out the spot welds on the old fenders for the hood mount so that i could still bolt the hood on and then make a few new mounts for the fuse block, the coolant resevoir, and battery. But you can also just drill out the spot welds on the edge of the fenders to just take off the outer fender then just bolt on the Glassworks fender the only problem is if you want the most travel out of your long travel kit(if your goin this root)you will have to remove that inner fender.


I agree totally. Just remove both inner and outer fender. I did it the hard way and drilled out all the spot welds on my 91. It was a pain. I am also having to limit my travel because of rubbing. It shouldnt be that hard to remount the coolant resevoir, washer fluid, battery, etc. So yes If I were to do it again I would just remove everything.