06-2002 Off Road Mag


June Issue of Offroad Magazine has a nice article about Jamie Campbells class7s truck on page 90. Lots of skunk workz style picture.

But what is up with the San Felipe story using 100% Laughlin pictures ???? Nice pictures and all...but it doesn't match.

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Dude Klaus where have you been??? This was already talked about.. Come on get with the program! LOL


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ohhh...i don't read this page too much...and got my hands on the paper mag today for the first time while sitting in some waiting room...


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ya Jammie has a clean truck. We saw it at the parking lot at the river palms when we went to go sign up. It sucked to come over the top of the hill and see it on the roof. We would have hit him if nobody would have been there. Hay Jammie if you read this we still have your hood pins!!! And sorry for doing more damage rolling it back over. But thanks for rousting on me when we were pushing you out of that sand wash. You'll have to get Bruce next time.. Ha Ha

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