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-06 CORR Chula Vista Video-

Our highlight video is up from this past weekend's CORR event. Lots of action and great wheel to wheel racing. It was cool to see alot of familar names from the desert come out and throwdown on the short course. Look forward to the next CORR event but im glad to be back out in the dezert this coming weekend. Enjoy!!!

-Click HERE for a direct link to the video on Paradigm-Pro.com-


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Yikes...I want to watch the link but my buddies computer thinks a wav video should be seen in a bunch of letters and other fonts! Guess I'll have to wait until I get home unless someone can point me to a download that will play this link!

Jason :)


Jerry Maguire
Who was in the bright orange truck? He looked like he was moving pretty good and got the hole shot.


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Adrain , I forget the last name. He was doing real good holding Greaves off. Greaves made the most killer pass on him in the turn by the flag. Never lifted off the jump and passed him in the turn. Thats when Greaves took the leed on Sunday.


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Adrian Cenni. He raced for a couple of years around the 2000-2001 time frame. First he had Walker Evans and Randy Anderson build him a truck, and raced with them. He made a quick name of himself with some balls-out, and somewhat overly aggressive driving. After a couple of nasty wrecks, he took a few years off. He'll pick up the pace as the season progresses.


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cenni earned the nickname "wildman". a bad wreck at crandon shattered his hopes of a championship a few years back. it sounds like he's ready to try for that championship again.


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Once again, I am amazed. Please tell me first when you decide to release a video! Very nice footage. Keep up the awesome work!!!!