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1" 16tpi tubing bung


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I am in the process of doing a solid axle swap on my GMC 2500 and am having trouble finding a weld in tubing bung with this particular thread size. It's going to be used on the drag link and the tie rod I ordered is a perfect fit for the 2006 f250 dana 60 axle. My first thought was to call Ballistic Fab down in Tucson but their "in stock" stuff takes forever to get delivered, I can't imagine how long something custom would take. I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this.



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If I'm to run a heim at the knuckle and a tie rod end at the pitman arm will this cause premature wear of the tie rod end?


Send me a pm what you're looking for might be able to get it done for you. Besides he thread pitch

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