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1-2/1600 Aluminum body


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Looking for a shop to do an Aluminum body, dash, and skidplate for my single seat 1600. Any thoughts or pictures will help.


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Bryan at Covina Customs does a lot of Alminum body work and very fair prices. check him out for sure, his quality of work is TOP notch.



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You can probably do a decent job yourself. Cut your body panel patterns out of stiff thick pattern paper. Get some dzus tools (dimpler and locator) from ********* or Aircraft Spruce. You might get lucky and find some partial sheets at a recycling facility.

If you need any help, take some pictures of your car to the airport and find some old fart (the best ones are sometimes grumpy - a total defense mechanism) with sheet metal machinery in his hangar and you might make a great new friend, who has fantastic stories (and some bad jokes.)

Oh yes, and he may just want to point that hotrod down the desert.....just don't put a lot of gas in it.

Have fun, make it an adventure, learn some more, you can do it.