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1/2 1600 thread ONLY

Robin Hood

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I will be doing another test with a HC motor in a top single seat within the next couple days. A the moment It looks like a 3-4mm increase on both plates is going to be the proper adjustment. Not making any decisions until testing with the single seat this week.
Are you thinking of making a change before the next race?


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I still don't see a single seat high comp without a plate doing 95mph like some of these low comps are now doing. I don't see it at all. 1mm isn't enough Kenny. Cody is on the right Track. Keep testing and give us real rules.
Yes a single seat with a 24 mm plate will do 95mph with the right gearing my 1600 was geared to do 90 at Caliente and would do it , take 200 lb out of the car like a Single seat has and they will fly . The issue is the hi comp solex carburetor venture is 24.1 mm , take out the plate and you gain some over a 24 mm plate but anything after 24.1 mm is not going to flow more . Now a single seater will see a big change as it can use all of the 2mm of air flow