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1/5 scale tt


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Here's the beginning of my TRUE 1/5 scale truck. So far tires & wheels are HPI 5T stuff, and shocks are the longer 5T ones. Same shock for front & rear.



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whats the ground clearance at full bump
It's not too much time Dave it's just something I can actually build & finish! Haha
Ground clearance is about 3/4" at bump


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pretty dang cool...
some one tell Baja Mike @ Kartek about this..


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Thats cool! Im currently working on a 1/10 scale TT that Im fabbing everything on instead of most of the TT builds that use slash front ends and the rc4wd back half kit. Im at a stand still at the moment however because Im waiting on offroad season to be over with before I go buying the parts I need to advance in the build


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Craig, they have little mini V8 gas engines you can throw in that thing. :)

S-10 Kid

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Holy crap! Wayyy too much time and money on his hands but very very cool!


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Having some uniball cups made for the a arms and rear links. Nobody has them for 1/4" or 5/16" uniballs. Same goes for the spacers. I still need to accurately measure the engine as well. Working on steering linkage and trying to decide how to scale I want this to be. I need to do a bit of research on the 1/4 scale axles and where the gears come from. Also need to see what gearing I'll even need!