1000 Miles to Glory DVD


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Dec 31, 1969
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I just watched this DVD. It was alright. I paid $27.00 w/shipping. Its only 30 min. but it has alot of good commentary by Robby Gordon, Ivan Stewart, and Larry Ragland just to name a few. It doesnt have alot of newer footage, but alot of older footage. Stuff I have never seen before, like the first bike to run fron TJ to LaPaz. Overall it was an OK video, could have been longer, especially since they should have added some more recent footage, and there is no engine sounds (I know alot of you like that!) There is a good helicopter clip of an old 1600 roll over and a helicpoter shot of Robby Gordon in his old TT (the Post one I think) passing a slower truck. But I do like to collect off-road videos so I think it was a good purchase.


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Oct 2, 2001
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oak hills
It's worth buying. The interesting part is that all those guys from the first generation of the sport are still around. Bruce Meyers raced in the B1K last year in a new Meyers Manx. Malcolm Smith, Bud Ekins, those guys must have been a little bit crazy to do that on bikes. That quote from Parnelli Jones- "racing the Baja 1000 is like surviving a 24 hour plane crash".... Frank Vessels talking about the race being an adventure, not just a race... Scott McMillin saying " don't quit, don't ever quit. you have to plan to win and you can't ever give up". Ivan Stewart talking about the moment you cross the last mountain range before you see the lights of La Paz, Larry Ragland comparing off-road to other sports, "it's hard to keep something together for twenty hours, I'd put this up against any other form of motorsports we have". And the footage of the motorcycle at the end of it, the rider was completely off the footpegs, doing a tankslap that probably drove his balls up into his helmet, ouch! It's worth seeing. Two thumbs up.