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1000 Predictions


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What are your predictions for the 1000?
I'll go with Ashley and Smith in trophy truck, sourapas and herbst in class 1, macachren in 1600, stein in full stock, and Kory Halopoff in 12. Class 8 ive got a toss up. If Jesse Jones lets off of the throttle a little, he will probably win and get the championship, but if he goes balls to the wall the whole time it is anyones race.


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For 7s I think S&S have a really good chance, but it's a toss up between them and Hardin, and Custer if he shows up. For 7 Open I think it'll be Turner.



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1 & overall Mike Julson and Bob Lofton
TT Ashley and Smith
10 Danny Anderson
12 Vic Bruckmann
16 Rob Macachren and Bruce Fraley


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HYPOCRITES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Robby Gordon, first TT and first overall.
After all of the Robby Gordon posts around here and nobody but me picks him to win. sheesh.
I also pick Jimmy8 in Class 8. hehehehehe.....


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Not this year drapes, but possibly next year????


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Overall Probably between Collins/Ragland TT-- Troy Herbst CL 1--- Robby Gordon TT--if equipment holds up, McMillin CL-1, and my darkhorse pick Post/Whelchel TT if the equipment doesn't get overdriven. Julson CL-1, Dondale CL-1, Herbst TT if the Trans holds together.


Is Jeffries not running the B1K? I would bet on him if he is runnin'. Or my usual pick RG, But he hasn't won in a long time. He has never won the big on in the TT's. Maybe it is his time!!!



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My picks for the Baja 1K are

TT- Robby Gordon, as long as he doesn't break, otherwise it'll be the Duralast Boys.
Class 1- Lofton/Julson, first off always helps.
Class 8- Jesse Jones.
Pro Truck- Scott Steinberger.
Class 10- Either Chris Harrold or Danny Anderson, both super fast.
Class 12- Vic Bruckmann.
Class 5- George Seeley.
Class 7- Craig Turner.
Class1/2 1600- Rob MacCachren or Kash Vessels.
Class 5 1600- Dave Gasper.
Class7s- Cory Susag.
Class 9- Cisco Bio, has won every race so far.
Stock Full- Sykes or Stein.
Motorcycles- Campbell/Stabb, will overall.

And thats about everyone


1st overall = Steve Hegeveld / Jonah Street



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trophy truck is a toss up; robby will undoubtably smoke everyone until he breaks, herbst trans. will never go the distance,
post is to slowand will hit something and break.in my opinion which doesnt mean sh** it will be between the colli
ns/ragland team and duralast.in class 7 its ernesto cervantes all the way the championship!.in class 7s im going with hardin
,but that 7/7s truck (?) is going to be tough to beat.


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Cambell for 2 wheel and overall and Collins/Ragland in 4 wheel.

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Jeffries was signed up for TT in the 1000, but is the current points leader for TT in BITD. He decided to cancel the 1000 and concentrate on the Las Vegas 200 which is the first weekend in december to try and get the points championship. Baldwin and Lonney Helmbolt are pretty close to him in the points. Good decision if you ask me.


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RE: herbst trans. will never go the distance

Don't count on it. Your gonna see something totally new in it for the 1000. We haven't been working day and night for nothin! It just isn't going to get any test time. The 1000 will be it's test. ;-)



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Herbst does have a new trans package, and if it does work, the ring and pinion in the front-end or hubs will go !!!!!!


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RE: Herbst does have a new trans package

Almost...... :-o
yah since the herbst finish so many races.... and 7 will most doubtly go to Holmes/jones. Turner wont go the distance i am willing to put money on it if any one wants to give me a private tell

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