$10K-28K to spend on next build


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It's time build another truck, this time I want to build something with more seats, preferably 4 of them, but if the right truck came along than I would do a 3 seater, please dont post anything with 2 seat's as thats not an option. It must have the biggest motor that truck is offered in and must be "daily driver" friendly .
Must pass smog, cant be beat to s**t and MUST have been taken care with somewhat low miles.

I've spent countless hours searching the classifieds and there's nothing out there that works for me, so I figured money talks and everything is For Sale for the right price.
Now I know what the market is like and I'm not going to over pay because your not willing to loose a few bucks like everyone else, so please don't try and highball.
I would prefer that the truck not be caged so that I can have the cage built the way I want/need it to be, but if your truck is caged, please post your pics.

Here are my 4 choices right now:
Chevy 1500 Crew cab with 5.3
F150 Supercrew with 5.4
2005 and earlier Sport Trac
Toyota Tacoma with 3.4 supercharged or 4.0

Now Im not 100% dead set on any of these, so if you have something that might be worth looking at post the pics of what you have with details and we can talk.
The reason for the $18K diffrence is that Im willing to buy a semi stock truck or a complete build if the truck is right for me. I have plenty of time to find my next build and the money isn't going anywhere, so Im in no hurry to settle as I have plenty of cars and trucks to drive until then.

Thanks for your time, Brian


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What do you want to do with it? Prerun? Sand dunes?


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What do you want to do with it? Prerun? Sand dunes?
Preun, Mexico ect. The truck will more than likely never see sand.

I'm kind of partial to broncos. This one has been for sale for a while, and the sight of cash may motivate him to come down on his price. http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=14&md=second&id=15175

If not that, a 20k budget will build a nice bronco.
I've wanted to build a Bronco for 15 years and love them, but I need something more reliable. I like the piece of mind that when I get off work it will get me home and I like driving my trucks everyday. I have a 2+ year old Titan that has 13K on it, I drive my caged Ranger everyday because I love it.


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4 or 2 wheel drive?

I love chevy's and how they look all done up! I cant wait to do mine
I would much rather have the 2wd, but if it was the right 4wd I would consider it.

Ouch! LOL.
Im not trying to imply that Bronco's POS's by any means, I love them and if I had Roger Normans stable I would have 1 for sure, but I dont have that luxury yet.

Giant Geoff

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You can do a 4 seater like Householders old truck if you get those euro rally seats that don’t talk up as much room, but shorten that think 10”.

That’s a small budget unless you dig deep and tap into the ways of the dragon, get very creative and become self-sufficient my son.


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I would suggest 3 seats. First, it is very hard to get 4 race seats in anything other than a megacab. Plus, it sucks being in the back of a 4 seater and staring at the back of someone's head while you're going down the course. 3 seaters also have more room in the cab for your gear, which is important while down in Mexico.

I would also suggest 4wd for prerunning. Yes, you can blast through siltbeds and up hills in a good 2wd truck, but the idea when prerunning is that you don't have to go blasting through the course that fast and can take your time and look around for better lines and ways around trouble spots.


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Maybe something like this??? ;)

That is a very nice truck! I also agree with 4wd, it is nice being able to find those creative lines up hills, etc.


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householders extra cab silverado was a 4 seater with mastercraft seats. the 2 seats in the back close together so you werent looking at the back of somebodys head. more then enough room for 4 seats.


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Are you still looking for a truck? I just got back from vacation and found your post. I have a full size 92 Chevy Blazer. It sits on a custom 1.75" DOM chassie and has a stock 350 chevy engine with all the factory smog equipment. The transmission is a built 4L60, I have 3 Mastercraft seats, Protruck front and rear fenders and hood. The seats arn't mounted yet so adding a 4th is posable. It could also be configured in 2 or 4 wheel drive. Their is still alot of work left but I'm not looking for a lot of money. Let me know.