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Congratulations to Dennis Sletten and Robert Henderson for an excellent article in the latest issue of Hot VW's magazine. Check it out.


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Can't wait to check out the article! 11 Brothers rock and Dennis Sletten is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait till they start racing again. Wouldn't it be cool if they came out for the MDR night race???

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Hey, I didn';t see the story yet, but these guys are the best! I got to get a copy! Denise and Teddy good job!
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Dennis, congrats brutha. Like to see the class 11 folks get some recognition. About time. Keep it up and if ya need help, let me know. Will assist if I can.....Vtr Racing


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Just wanted to say thanks to all our friends that help and support us .We are planning on racing the night race .And we are planning on racing all of next year Thanks Dennis 11 BROTHERS race team


Before I start, this post is not a put down. The idea came from another 11 driver.

This person was thinking of putting a throttle and clutch on a bar, motorcycle style on the rear of an 11 car. He figured that they spent so much time pushing that it woul be an advantage to have both crew members outside.

Also, I simply can't figure out how you guys get through some of the areas.


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They just require more finess to drive and not so much Right Foot. I remember watching a video a few years back of an 11 car passing a 4wd truck in the silt. The guy in the 11 car just payed attention to where he was going and wasnt so worried about mashing the pedal.They are true drivers. An 11 car will outrun a 1/2-1600 on the pavement(no restrictor plate). Also having the flat bottom helps I'm sure in the soft stuff and water.