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Does anyone know of a place ir a company that makes a heater like a heat gun or something that plugs in to the lighter socket in a truck? I looked at some rv sites and no luck and also searched summit with no luck either? I had to remove my blower to install the coilovers and its gonna start to get cold and would like to get something.



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Another option that isn't very cheap but will get you some good heat and allow you to keep a heater is the heater that summit sells thats called a Mojave heater I think. It is a stand alone heater for about 150. It has the heater box, blower motor and switch and you could probably figure out a way to use your ducting with it. I am considering this type of heater for my 71 camaro as it is very small and will fit under the dash. I junked my huge air conditioner box to give me clearance for my header bolts. You would have to run the coolant lines through the firewall like the stock heater and to this box.
Just another idea.

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there is a couple companies that make nice aftermarket heaters and airconditioning units such as hotrodair.com also vintage air. Or if worse comes to worse you can get a cheap ac/dc converter at your local truck stop and plug a blow drier into it


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You can get small fans from an electronic supply store or surplus and make a housing and attach them in front and behind and side by side of your heater core kinda like how you attach an electric fan to a radiator and then just put a switch on the fans and when you need them you just hit the vent to heater and crank on the fans. You could do that for under 40 bucks and it appears factory althought it might not blow as hard with some of the cheaper fans. I got some burly 10 volt fans for 7.50 each at C&H Surplus in Pasadena...it's a local Cal Tech hangout so if you like cool gadgets...check it out. THey have all sorts of things you can tinker with in there from grocery store laser scanners to flight joysticks out of b2 bombers!!!

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