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.120 or .09 tubing?


There was a previous post about what size tubing to use for cages, and 1 3/4" x .120 seemed to be the way to go.

Now how about for the front and rear bumpers? How much more does .120 weigh than .09? I'm planning on using 1 1/2" x .09 for the bumpers and 1 3/4" x .120 for the cage. Sound right? If I use .120 for the front bumper will that weigh that much more so that it will bring the front end down a bit?

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I dont think you can even notice a weight difference. I would use 1 1/2" .120 all around. Or 1 3/4" .120 so its race legal.

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Well .120" weighs alot more than .09" but I think you mean .90". It all depends on what part of the bumper your building, for instance, the side kickers could be built out of .90" no problem, also if you are connecting the bumper to the motor cage or the bed cage I would use .120" for the bumpers and .90" for the connecting tube so the .90" will crush before bending the motor cage or the bed cage, and I'm out


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Dam 1.5" 0.9" wall tubing would be solid stock and then somemore. He had it right the first time. You are off by a factor of 10.


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if its in a spot thats subject to rocks or other peoples bumpers definatly .120
interior X bracing .049 is somtimes the best choice(less than half the weight)you can dent this stuff with your boot though
remember to actualy engineer a structure to take advantage of a wall difference of .030" is very involved. so screw it.....make it all .049 and replace the broken tubes with thicker wall by process of elimination as they break or make it out of .120 and forget about it.


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This from my in-process tube torsion/bend strengths Excel spread sheet:

OD Wall Wt/ft.
1.500 0.0950 1.409
1.500 0.1200 1.748
1.750 0.0950 1.660
1.750 0.1200 2.065

The catalog that supplied me with dimensions only lists .095: wall, no .090" wall. The difference in weight would be negligable.


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I was told That the Score Rule book said all bumpers and roll cages could be no thinner than 1 3/4 x .120, I Just went through the same thing, I am going to use .120 on most of my truck.
But i may use .09 on cross braces and stuff like that