1255 SanFelipe race report.


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View attachment 191071 So my Dad, 11 year old son and Jesse Luna we head down to SanFelipe Wednesday. Get acclimated head down for some tacos and get settled in at Eldorado ranch. A week ago we prerun in our trusty Jeep Cherokee with some bad boy Rancho 9000 shocks. Lol! Not fast but man a Jeep will go anywhere. Had to get home and get back to work so we missed some of the lower 1/2. Yeah.....my 1/2. So what do you do? I make the call to my fellow racers Brian Wilson and Kyle Quinn. “You guys got a seat in a prerunner?” Heck ya! So the next morning I jumped in with Kyle Quinn to run the 2nd 1/2. So greatful to be in a sport where a simple phone call and pretty much anyone on here will lend a hand. No questions asked.
This is only my 2nd race in my brand new Eversen racecar. 565 miles in the 1000 and we were destined to finish the 250. Or the 320..... As we were prerunning the lower 1/2 my other teammates were doing the 1st 1/2 again in the Jeep.
We got the leadnav, I took all my notes and combined tracks, bam!✌ Had the gps loaded as a backup.
We get to the starting line, I give Michael Rodriguez the start and the wheel. I did codrive the 1st 30 miles to get the jitters out of him. He’s still kinda green, but Their isn’t anyone else I would trust more. Cesar Lara jumped in passenger seat and they were off. I head off to the BFG pit and do the waiting game.
Well at the start we had a glitch with leadnav....not working....at all! Next gps works but not tracking up. We have no clue how to correct it and......We ar off the line!
With Rodriguez and Lara in the car they are both super reliable guys. As Normal, comms aren’t the greatest but I taught them to call out mile markers and car number along with status “this is car 1255 zero flats car is running great we are 5 miles out” heck ya! On goes the pee tube and helmet! Lara gets out and my guys kill the pit stop. We practiced it a few times. Jesse does a air filter, John fills camel packs Rodriguez goes from drivers seat to my co-dawg. My crew works in harmony plugging in helmets and window nets are up. BFG pits dumps 11 gallons with a dry break and we are off. We will not need another fuel stop.
Yeah....it’s my car so I do drive it a tad harder. But I did promise my son he can get in the last 15 or so miles so I have to make it......I’m a Dad. Getting in my groove along the highway at about mile 156ish clipping across the top at a bitchen pace.......BAM!!!!! You make the call what we hit, it’s right we’re the Herbst team had a horrible situation......Yeah I send the car in a double roll....Landed back on her wheels, asked if I had any flats, a bystander zip tied my throttle spring and We were off. We lost the passenger mirror, wrinkled the roof a touch and a couple minor cracks we later found.
We took off like a bat outta hell without even a flat! Thank you again BFGOODRICH!
Now headed into the early evening we get some lack of power? I try both ignitions, no change. Try 2nd fuel pump.......ran a tad better but no top end.....I pull over and check fuel pressure. Yup....it’s low. We crank it up a few pounds and we are off again! Well through the night Michael had to jump out and crank up the fuel pressure, probably clogged filters.
We had to nurse it in due to fuel pressure and front end damage. But........I’m a Dad 1st and promised my son he will cross the finish line so I was going to keep my word. We start clicking off miles coming up near mile 300 we are getting pumped! I bust a 90 degree right and look to our right and our trusty Jeep is all lit up with a ton of Chinese LEDs and my son was in his race suit, HNR and helmet on!
It took all of me to keep myself together I’m racing in Baja with my son for the 1st time! Badass. Freakin BADASS!!! Donavan starts calling out turns and yelling “go faster Dad!” We make a few more turns, go through tunnel, through the sand dunes and we crossed the finish line!
To have Donavan, my son with me words cannot express. I hope all of you have a moment in your life as I just did.
We got 5th place. The last ScoreLite class 12 to cross. 5th sounds much better.
I need to say thanks to my tiny team. Michael Rodriguez, Cesar Lara, Jesse Luna, Marco Rodriguez, John, my Dad, Donavan Walsh (my son, my hero) Brian Wilson, Kyle Quinn (I will be calling you at the 500)
Eversen for a incredible racecar, BFGOODRICH zero flats, Method wheels, King Shocks, Shawn Geers, LAT racing oil, MOMO, Folts transmissions, PCI radios, and all of you fellow racers.


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Good Job Dad!! Way to make it to the finish. Definitely something you and your son will cherish forever. See you at the 500.