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14th Annual Baja Internacional

Mojave Traveler

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Here's what an advertisement for the Baja 500 looked like 30 years ago in the good ol' Dusty Times.

A couple points of interest: Course is open for pre-running on May 1st, and this is the 5TH (yes, 5TH!) event in the Score/HDRA series of that year....and it's only June.

Sorry i don't have pics from the race, as i know you may have expected.Thought this was nostalgically interesting though.



Crayola Killer
Whoa, look at that cool TOYOTA pictured at the bottom!! ;D

La Tijereta

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Here are some images from the 1987 Baja 500 Contingency in Ensenada when it was held downtown, including Bob Sheppard's Class 1 car... Fast forward 30 years and Larry Ragland is entered in a UTV Polaris..

CENTERLINE Images1987.Baja500.Ensenada..21x.jpg

CENTERLINE Images.1987.Baja 500.Sheppard.107.21x.jpg

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