$1500 class 1600 bonus May 16th


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$1500 class 1600 bonus + driver payback.

We are adding $500 to the bonus for class 1/2 1600 at the DRIVE Still of the Night 200 May 16th. Normal bonus is $1000 with 10 entries. New bonus for this race is $1500.

Total payout including driver payback and bonus from DRIVE for 10 entries.

$1800 to 1st
$900 to 2nd
$300 to 3rd


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where can i get more info on this race, we are from México and are interested on this race, please let me know.

thank you



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thank you i didn´t see the link below, we´ll see if we can make it to that race, we want to take our two 1/2 1600, thank you.