160 desertdogs race car crash at Norra

racer ray

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Mar 17, 2014
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As many of you know I crashed and pretty much destroyed our 160 desertdog race car at the NORRA on day 2. It was a huge crash and both myself and my co driver wound up in the hospital , But thank god we are both in good condition . I cannot say thanks enough to the Norra medical staff for their great work. Many of you have probably asked yourself what happens when the big crash happens . Heres a brief report on how Norra handled it. Hopefully this will put many of you at ease on racing in baja .
Immedialtly after the crash weatherman jumped in on the radio and the MANDATORY tracking system located us along . We also had great help by several of the BFG support trucks. We were a long way from anywhere. The course was stopped for a very brief time for the ambulance to come in and retrieve us. This just started the process. Our chase crew was notified where to meet the ambulance and conditions . Norra immedaitely had their medical cooridinator join up and stay with us throughout the process . Norra basically never left our side, plus constantly interpreted for us as needed. . they helped coordinate the hospital , doctors , and even prescriptions. All fees were covered .
I was overwhelmed as to how smoothly it went . Ed and Alisao thanks we will see ya next year.


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Apr 19, 2015
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I was worried when I saw the ambulance crusing by and glad to hear it went well for such a terrible thing.
Looking forward to having you back, cars can be rebuilt, people not so much.
Thanks for the report.