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1600 Floor pans, whats on yours ?


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Need a new floor pan after the abuse we took at the Parker this year. What type of aluminum and how thick do you use? I know some use steel to add weight but i don't need to add any ballast. Any suggestions or thoughts? My old one was .090" thick no sure of the grade it was.


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I used 1/8" aluminum. I prefer not to go high on hardness. harder seems to be brittle and tear more, where lower "T" has give and can be hammered back out. Even at that aluminum has a semi self harding factor over time. Not that you want dead soft "T" zero either. most metal houses will help you, I just want to give you past knowledge and so you can ask them better questions. A lot just get 6061-T6 as they think it is strongest and it is to a point. You could always do the road sign deal.....