why do you pick a race?

  • low entry fee

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  • bonus pay back

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  • amount of cars that are entered

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  • year end points pay out

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  • location of race

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As the new 1600 class rep for SNORE I am conducting a poll to get input from future and current 1600 racers. This poll will ask new questions every week to get as much information as possible. please take the time to vote.


Ramsey, the poll asks about future and present racers. With over a thousand registered users, I think it is possible.



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If I looked at the Dusty Times classifieds and saw that Ickler is selling his 1600 car and thought about buying it, would that make me a future racer? Or do I have to first purchase the car then I would be considered a future racer?


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id really like to pick an order for those options instead of one main reason !


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It's easy to pick a poll to pieces after it has been put on the board. You have to give credit to Snoreracer for wanting to know what people think. I don't own a 1600, but support one at the races and back at the shop. I appreciate being asked what we "all" think. I'm sure the next poll will drill down a little deeper. Kenny, thanks for asking for our input and keep up the good work.
Mike Hinson