1600 POLL PART 3


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well it's time to get more 1600 input
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why pick mexico to race
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=option VALUE="1"> close to home
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=option VALUE="2"> not to rough
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=option VALUE="3"> no restrictions
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=option VALUE="4"> costs are less
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=option VALUE="5"> the name baja


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hmm none of the above .

close to home - from san diego , its all about the same except for nevada, arizona races.

not too rough - well i've seen some of the roughest courses run (modern day courses) and the laguna salada area gets my vote as the worst.

no restrictions - lately there have been plenty of "restrictions" (Eco. mainly)

costs are less - seem about the same to me

the name baja - if a raced a race due to its hype , it would be paris dakar or something the entire world talked about.

i choose baja because every aspect of every race ive every been to can be found in baja.


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Baja, the adventure, the adversity, the people, the diversity of terrain, and the History. Some of the reasons I love Baja!

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Don't forget the TACO'S!!!!!

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Its not just the name, its the history and our roots. I was just a little kid (tiny in 1967), but by 1972, I knew what Baja was and had been there..at age 7. From age 10 it was something I had to do...race offroad and in Baja. Some mention the mystique of Paris-Dakar, but the first most recognizable race in the world is the Indy 500...The baja 1000 is second..IN THE WORLD! Thank Bruce and Mickey and all the others who took on the adventure and made it real and accessible. I think we all need to do as much as we can in regards to racing in Baja, because the future of racing there gets slimmer everyday with environmental issues and land loss. Racing in Baja has challenges you don't face in the U.S.A. even today. Even just doing the down in the race and back up the Peninsula is a challenge for many. It is special because it is Baja.

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