1658 and 1647 race report Caliente

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A few months ago I got a old Chenowth 2 seat 1600 car for my son Jeremy to start driving in 1600. some have a belief a old car cant compete but that is the beauty of 1600, a old car is every bit capable of winning 1600 as a new one. Ever since last year my son Robby has wanted to go back to run the Snore Driven Experience 250 so we loaded up Wednesday night and started the very long drive to Caliente very early Thursday morning. Friday was the fun run so Robby decided to drive 1647 my old Race-co around and Jeremy and I rode 2 of our Honda pilots around with my son Harley driving my truck to pit B with Journee Richardson and my daughter Alyssa to fill us up with gas as Honda's Pilot buggy is not known for gas mileage and sure as heck it ran out about 8 miles from pit B but lucky honda put enough of a reserve in the tank to make it there.. Harley has just got his learners permit so I was a bit nervous about him driving lol. but Journee and Alyssa coached him and he did great. Harley will start driving the class 11 soon, he wants to jump rite to the 51600 but I wont let him lol. The first half of the course was very soft and very technical with lots of turns and SOFT SAND. as several people in front of us got stuck and blocked the course causing Robby to get 1647 stuck as well. Consider Honda made the Pilot for the sand I nearly got it stuck, the sand was very soft with a lot of up hill sand washes. Had lunch at pit B thanks to the Knotty pine owner(I think) Filled up ate lunch and left onto the really fun part which is real fun threw the Forrest on fire roads untill you turn off for the last hill climb up to the top of OH I failed spelling HILL which goes down one hell of a hill into the town of Caliente and a real pucker hill in a Pilot. Later we took the Chenowth up the hill to do some jetting checks with the meter. This race is held at very hi altitude, and a tough one to get Jetting rite, Got that done changed Jetting on Robbys car and all was done. My wife cooked Carne asada for al of us which was good went to the drivers meeting then we all turned in early. About 445 in the morning the rain started and it rained all morning into staging and while the race started up till around 1230. The course was a mess. I had water proofed both engines at home so had no worries and we watched as both Robby in 1647 went by running perfect and so did Jeremy in 1658. Radios quit before the start on Robbys car and I had no idea his car quit nearly out of line of site after he went by and would not re start no mater what we did after he got back to the pit so we pulled the plug on his after going maybe a mile in the race unfortunately. My Nephew Jeff was riding with Jeremy and I had radio contact with him for a while but lost that not long after the start. Jeremy was nearly last to start and planned to drive easy to conserve the car, we pitted with our friends Brian and Curt Geer and Tyler and Dennis Peterson who were racing class 9.Bud Ward was first off the line Curt was 2nd off the line and and Kenny Freeman was the third car off the line. Robby was I think 9th and Jeremy started right behind Rob in 10th. First car back was Curt then Fernie Padilla was next and the 3rd car back was Jeremy running very well but there was so much mud on all the cars you could hardly see who was who, lap 2 was Curt back 1st but next back was 1658 Jeremy who had got stuck and had to get out to dig after the lines were blocked not to far behinf Curt who was driving a great race. Jeremy stopped after lap 2 because Jeff was not doing well could not see and wanted OUT. Robbys co rider Brian Caliari my long time friend got in and they took off only to get stuck again as conditions were horrible. they got the car out and continued finishing lap 3 still running 2nd behind Curt. After a short time into lap 4 the power steering quit working both thinking they threw a belt so Brian jumped out to fix it only to find the bolt on the ram was gone! So Brian jumped back in they ran with out any wore trouble to a great 2nd place in his first race in this car with Curt Geer taking the win. Tyler Peterson won class 9 so it was a happy day for out pit in the rain. First I want to thank my friends Greg Aronson and Ron Fleming from Fat Performance, the engine ran fantastic, Brent Braden for making the trade to get this car, my son Harley for all his help, my girls Journee and Alyssa, Brian Geer for all the help and friendship, we had a great time doing what we do, Brian Caliari from Chicago for flying out to the races we run, love having you with us Brian, and most of all my wife Kristine who is a hell of a pit crew hucking gas or what ever it takes and my Nephew Jeff Crow from what he does.. It took us forever to get home yesterday as traffic plain sucked. Next year we are coming home on Monday. Of all the races I have been to over the years this one stands near the top on the toughest, it may be plain ol water but it turns everything to MUD and later turns to cement. What a mess to clean up! Good job Jeremy and my crew at Dave-co and many thanks to Curt Geer and family/
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