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another bumpside!
long bed even... im the only one i have seen running a 67-72 longbed prerunner. are you keeping it a long bed?


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plans so far.

2" cage, seats and harness...
rear susp- deavers with GMR hangers and shackles
front- bent and extended kingpin beams, new Rad arms all on 1.25" GMR rod ends.

im expecting about 16" in front and 15" in rear of travel.



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heres my bumpside,
Hollie double pumper
14 bolt posi rear
single 3.0 Kings per corner
35 BFG

Mike @ pit b

I thought you were gonna do up your Silverado. What gives? You pick up the truck for cheap?


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Well the OG plans are not going to suffice.....lol

NEW Plans! And this time its final. The frame is already cut and the Cab is stripped! The Idea is to build a VERY nice prerunner, something that is possibly conisdered a "luxury Runner" with simplified suspension and classic Ford style. The interior will be insane, Im going to hide just about every tube then have a nice headliner etc... put in. The rear and storage comparments are going to be built with week long pre-runs in mexico in mind. Build it how I want the first time!

118 wheelbase (convert to shortbed ish...)
87 up front
86 in rear

19 inches travel front with rear steer.
28 out back with GMR9 and 2.5" floater.


Kid Rok

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How much time is in a cad drawing like that? I remember you saying you have pretty much the whole frame in cad or something.