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1972 Baja


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Heres another old vid I found from 1972 . I hadn't yet caught the offroad bug yet , I was only 1 lol .


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this is a great video. Those guys trying to free that rim! And the couriers! Landfield! awesome. Also, at the beginning , the Bronco that Rod Hall races in the NORRA these days. Pretty cool.


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The guy in the single buggy at the end finishing...the look on his body is beat, then he looks up with a grin :)


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I have a picture I purchased in Ensenada a few years ago of a buggy leaving the starting line. It is from the early 1970s, maybe very late '60s as far as I can tell. The crowd lining the start line area all have their Sunday Best on. The way things were back then. This was an EVENT, show your best. Ever been to Hussongs' on locals night?


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Things look a lot more familiar if you watch the middle portion of the film in a mirror. Looks like it got spliced in upside down. Thanks for posting


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Funny, it was in 1972 that I learned about off road racing after my parents bought a Toyota Land Cruiser as a bribe to go to Jesuit high school. No, unfortunately I don't have much in the way of old video. My youtbube channel only has a couple of videos from an earlier Baja 1000. I hope to add some new video this year.