1973 Mint 400 Film Footage


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Hey Everyone,

I've only visited this site a few times. I really enjoy reading some of the old vintage rides, particularly Stroppe's rides.

I've been a member of ClassicBroncos where I've posted some pictures from the late 60s and early 70s.

I recently came across a film that my Dad had put away. The film is a 16mm type that was produced for the 1973 Mint 400. I had it digitized last week.

If anyone's interested in taking a look, here's a link to the video on SmugMug:

1973 Mint 400 - 16mm Film Conversion - Jeff2012

I'd also be happy to provide a link to the thread that has photos of mainly Stroppe racer from the '69 1000 up through the '73 Parker 400. (The main focus of most of the pics was propane-powered racers.) Just let me know.

I hope you enjoy.

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That's a really cool video. Thanks for sharing.


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Cool stuff! Young Walker, Minor, Malcolm, etc... Wampuskitty, Bandidos, SS1s, Flatties, Tojolandcrushers, and plenty of Broncos. ToddZ, know anything of 'The Stove'? Looks like a great course. Anyone know if the snow scenes were out towards Mountain Pass or is that the north side of Charleston above Pahrump?


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Yes, I do, Martin! One of Stroppe's primary Bronco racers for many years, powered by propane. It was nicknamed the "Stove" by Carl Jackson's dad, who upon hearing they were going to power the Bronco with propane, exclaimed, "Propane?!?! They use that for stoves, not cars!" And the name stuck. Raced by Jim Loomis/Bud Wright until '71 or '72 when Willie Stroppe took over and raced it until it was sold. According to Willie, it was sold to a guy who raced it once and then it was turned into a truck puller of some sort. Never has been found.

Jeff's photos and videos have been a godsend to us historians of the Broncos and other Stroppe rigs.

Todd Z.


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Cool. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping to see a shot of my dad, he won class one that year second overall to P.J in Big Oly.

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I believe his dad was Don Roundtree.
My Dad ran against him many times. The best was the race in the river in Riverside.... Don hit the water so hard he did a 180 and stuffed the engine into the sand back backwards. My Dad from then on fondly called Don "Duck poop"..in a nice way.. That was a nasty race!!