1977 f150 suspension suggestions/ help


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Starting off I'm new here, 77 f150 2wd, some engine work, stock suspension except fox res shocks in the rear. I have an idea for what I want to I'm hoping to get some helpful feed back and constructive criticism. My plan is to purchase some progressive rate 2 inch longer front coils ($70) which will then make room to move my fox's from the rear to the front and then extend my stock radius arms with some tube and 1.25 heims. Total cost about 3 or 400 dollars. Will the travel I get be worth the work? Also hoping to run 32x11.5 tires. And do a spring under and shackle flip in the rear in the future. Any helpful tips appreciated


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Your shocks wont physically work with or without a bigger coil until rework the upper shock mount/coil bucket, dollar for dollar it would be more worth your time and effort to just take the stock buckets off, buy a prebent hoop kit from Ruff Stuff and run a coilover.....lengthening your radius arm is basic, remove the pivot bracket, buy two pivots and two johnny joints, two weld in bungs, from RS again & depending on your shock length a bunch of tuneable, plush travel, i even know a guy that is building a sweet rear stear kit for your truck