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1984 Dodge D150 suspension suggestions


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I have a 1984 D150 2WD that was given to me for free. Its pretty rust free with the paint peeling. Since the truck it worth less to sell and only had 54K KM on it I'm thinking to making it into something that can handle dirt road good and go semi fast for my kid. I have a 88 Bronco that I'm starting to build up too (although I have 0 experience but plenty of time)

I can't seem to find anything after market for these trucks. I see there are Fiberglass fenders/good/bed sides but I need suggestions on the suspension. Because atm $$$$ is being tied up into the Bronco I'm willing to put in about $1500-2000 (or $100 Canadian lol) into the suspension. This has to be a street legal truck and minimal modifications/welding (if possible)

Not sure if that budget will allow atm but want a stance like in the attached file. Eventually once I'm done my Bronco I'd put more money into the D150.

I'm guessing for the rear I'd go with Dever leafs? But how would I lift the front up a bit?



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Theres a little info about that front end on ramcharger central. Not a ton tho. Most decent mods for it will require some fab work.

I would consider just throwing that body and whatever else on an f150 frame if you are serious about wanting some travel. So much more support for beams.

I say that...and I'm a dodge guy at heart!


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As much as I'd love to have the skills, space and funds to build a truck from different manufacturers its not going to happen.

I don't need serious travel as this will be a weekend dirt/part street truck so we can boot around forestry/dirt roads (I have a Bronco)

I still got lots of time to collect info as atm most of my time is going into getting the bronco going but having a Dodge D150 2wd done up would be cool as you just don't see it done at all especially here in Canada.