1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun run May 11 th


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Hey Klaus , I was hoping you can keep this in the Desert Forum for a little while as the lets meet up section doesn't see as much action . Looks like a good time. May 11th starts at Hodge road

The1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun Run (Full Course 10 am start)
10 AM · Stoddard Valley OHV-Off Road

This is the day time fun run of the Hi Desert Racing Association (HDRA)
1985 Fireworks 250 course . Or, at least what is left of course from time. We will all meet up at the Hodge Road out house (Pad) in the back by the Vulcan Water tower. The course is about 60+ miles-long. A digital map will be available in the future. Please print out a hard copy of the map that has been posted to keep on you vehicle so you have an idea of the track lay out from 1985.


Private Messenger me and I can send you the kml link for you GPS or GPX viewer.

There will be two pits tops during the trek. One at the gas station(Bathroom 10-15 min). The second will be at Slash-X ranch to do a vehicle check and pit stop (Bathroom 10-15 min) Make sure you have items such as, lights, radios, water, spare tire, and items to change your tires ect.... I will also post the radio chart to find a good channel to communicate on. The pace will be any where from 5 mph to 50 mph. If you are interested we look forward to seeing you out there! Remember it is long!.

I hope that we can come up with at least 10 cars running this this next run. Just to make this clear, this is not a race. This is for the fun of running on an old race course in the desert that use to be.
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