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Curtis Guise

This is another great vintage video that has been digitized by the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame which covers the 1988 HDRA and SCORE International season.  The year end review starts covers the Parker 400, Gold Coast 300, Great Mojave 250, MINT 400, Baja 500, Fireworks 250, Riverside Off Road World Championships and the Baja 1000.
Click here to watch the 1990 Baja 500 Ivan Stewart and Robby Gordon helicopter footage we posted in February.
Learn more and contribute to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame at www.ormhof.org
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J Prich

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Robby at the 1988 Mint in...not sure this counted as a "real" Mint though since it was in Jean and all... Anyway, this was at the railroad tracks in Jean that everyone is calling "Chokers" now. That year they started on LV Blvd and drag raced down the pavement, then went under the railroad bridge out in to Jean. Course came back through the other side of the bridge to S/F too. The good old days...


J Prich

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Link to a handful of other pics from the 88 Mint here:



Non Sugar Coated
If memory serves correctly that was the year PEPCON blew up in Henderson Nevada 80 + doors @ my buddy's storage shed facility that were facing the direction of the blast 4 miles away were blown inward.biggest damn boom I ever heard in my life with a shockwave that had me thinking the big one was dropped.