1988 Nevada 500 video


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Jun 16, 2013
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jamul, ca
Badass coverage in those days from Marty Reid and crew. Always non-biased and all inclusive, they somehow were able to cover most podium contenders in most of the classes, and in an hour program to boot. It was cool that even the lower classed vehicles got prime time TV coverage.
Noteworthy, is the fact that the broken down Ford of Dave Shoppe early on in the race ended up being the Mc Millins first race truck and, after a quick prep, was raced by Scott the following year in San Felipe as a class 2 entry (due to illegal firewall modifications from Shoppe). In the same race, Shoppe raced his brand new "hi-tech" class 8. To Dave's dismay, Scott finished directly behind him, just 2 minutes or so back on corrected time. He surely didn't expect to see his old clunker (and it WAS a clunker!), with all of its band-aids and patches do so well. Sharing the same livery as Shoppes team minus the General Tire logo on the doors, Scott was promptly asked by Shoppe to please re-brand the truck prior to the next race. Shoppe eventually faded away, and the rest is history. Andy definitely takes after pops in the driving department. Smooth, patient, and fast as hell!
Thanks for converting and sharing the memories.