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1995 Ford Ranger TTB Suspension

Hello everyone!

I am excited to have just joined the forums! I just picked up a super clean Ford Ranger XLT 4wd 4.0. This is going to be my first desert play toy as well as daily driver and I'm super excited to start doing some mods! To start I will mostly just be cruising around the sand, not looking to get huge air or anything, I can't really afford a full prerunner build currently. My first question, I'm looking to put on some really nice Fox shocks, based on my research it doesn't appear that they make them for my specific vehicle, are there any great shocks for light desert use that bolt right in place of the OEM shocks?

Hopefully there's some TTB experts here, I'm just learning still and any information anyone has will be helpful! Thank you in advance!


I believe Bilstein make some direct bolt on shocks for that truck. You should be able to get some lift coils and new shocks to help it out alot.
Thanks for the advice. I've been looking for shocks on summit racing and I also found these skyjacker shocks: 1995 FORD RANGER Skyjacker M95 Monotube Shocks M9552
They have a review from a guy saying he has jumped his TTB f150 with them and they work well. I have no experience with skyjacker though, I know blistein are typically pretty popular in the offroading community.

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Bilstein or k.y.b. mono max. Rock auto has the k.y.b. I have run both the k.y.b. and bilstein. Both are nice stock replacement shocks and both have part numbers for lifted applications. Build quality appears about the same. Prices are close. I think the k.y.b. might have a slightly larger piston.


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Slap a set of stock Bronco coils in, get some camber eccentrics, and get shocks that are 2" longer than stock.