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I have the aforementioned beast, and for the first time since I have owned it, I'm puzzled. I am have trouble shot the ABS system is my light came on and my rear kept locking up when I would brake hard. I believe my answer is a new ABS MODULE but i have purchased two already for that car, and they have come back as a 2WABS not a 4WABS..... Any ideas of where i can get a module for a 4WABS. Thanks!
Abandon it. Abs does not improve braking especially in the dirt. Ford abs modules are junk. Ford had a class action suit filed against them for abs modules overheating and burning cars to the ground. Some people lost houses. I am assuming that you are running bigger tires since you are on rd. Remove this trash get a combination valve for disc drum or disc disc as needed and re plumb the brake system as needed. Larger tires wreak havoc on abs systems.
Thanks Bret. I know a lot of people have that opinion of it. This is getting handed over to my son who will take it to Anchorage for the ice. And yes, I know this is first gen ABS not like today’s, but I just want it to run sound for him, that’s all. It’s my kid- not me behind the wheel. Oh, stock vehicle. Stock everything, including wheels
Try calling meridian auto parts. I have had great experiences with them for o.e. parts. Not the a1 cardone reman garbage. They aren't the cheapest but they sell quality products and the service is pretty good. They are located in San Diego.
Out of curiosity do you know what a.b.s. code you have? I used to maintain a fleet of about 40 Ford trucks of that vintage. I always had at least one rear a.b.s. sensor on hand because they were constantly failing.