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1st Day at Laughlin


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Well, there was some pretty damn good racing today even though there wasn't 200 entries. Dale Dondel won class 1 with Troy Herbst in 2nd (finished with a flat), Mark Post won TT with Jason Baldwin 2nd. Herbst went out with transmission problems, PCI SCOTT was haulling ass, won the drag race off the start against Herbst, stayed in front for 2 laps, got a flat and it wrapped around the axle slowing him down. But the bast was Jim Baldwin, he hit a set of jumps (3), hit the first one pretty fast, sucked up the second one and the third one kicked the back end straight up, landed on the nose, then the tail, nose again, then came to rest over the orange fence upside down. Both driver and co-driver were unhurt, it looked pretty narley. I had to pull the front bumper from the ground (it was stuck in the middle of the track) along with both spare tires. I also got a pic of it......The coolest endo I've EVER SEEN! Hopefully someone got it on video. That alone was worth the Laughlin trip. I'll fill you in on tomorrow's events.

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Jerry, you are suppose to send me an e-mail with a list of demands before posting blackmail shots like that. If I dont come through with the demands then you can post away.. :)


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The Baldwin crash had to bee the most horrific crash i have seen. I got to see the video from Billy at Hi-Tech, and man did Baldwin flip forever. The one time he hit the rear into the ground, the whole truck flipped back around to the rear again without the nose touching the ground. The whole rear half of the cage was cut off (from the axle back) today in the pits. It was a sad sight to see that truck being cut up.


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DAMN!! seems like I missed some good fun. . .Oh well, I hope I can see that video though that'd slightly ease the pain.

Well there's always next year. :(

You may beat me in the flats, but watch out in the whoops.