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2.0 Faster & Easier, some tips.


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
I have been receiving a lot of private messages and e-mail on how to make 2.0 a little more user friendly for those not used to this kind of format. Some say that the old board is faster when you just want to go on and check the new post. If you set your "Display Preferences" when you go to "Edit Profile" to these settings, 2.0 is actually faster to check than the old board. Now the following are the settings that I use so you may want to play with them to get just what you want. These seem to work the fastest for me though. And I have used them with a Dial-up connection as well as my normal cable.

When you go to "Edit Profile" click on "Display Preference" then look for the following categories in the list.

Do you want the main page to list categories or forums?
use: forums

Default aged threads to be displayed:
This one depends on how often you check the board.

Default sort order
use: Descending Date

Default display mode
use: Flat Mode

Default view
use: Collapsed Threads

Post Format ( top = Post headers on top : side = Post headers on the left)
use: Side

Now these next to really make a difference on how fast your computer will load a page. If you have a fast Internet connection (cable, dsl, T1, ect.) and want to see gifs and pics then it wont matter to you much but if you have a dial up connection and want the pages to load much faster, you can turn them, gifs & pics, off here. You miss out on the visuals but you get around a lot faster.

View other user's pictures in their profile?
No Yes

View user's pictures with their posts?
No Yes

Have fun with it!



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Hey thanks Shaun. I will say this though; I'm running 28.8 connection and not having any problems with the load times with the pictures.


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i've got a question for ya-how do you get the picture under your name in here?? i'm not sure how to do it...i've got to show off the little disco bucket to everyone.


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
If the pic is already posted on the net somewhere go to it, right click on it, then left click on properties. Go to “URL address” and copy it or write it down. Now get back on to RDC 2.0, go to “edit profile” then “basic profile”, go down to where it say’s “your picture”. Just place your URL address in that box and your all set. Go to the test board and try it out.
If your pic is not on the net yet, put it on RDC as an attachment in a post then follow the above steps but keep in mind that the pic will only work as long as the post is up on the net. It is best to have them, pics and so on, in a more permanent place such as Photo Point or any of the other free on-line photo album sites.