2-1600 Transmission Mounting


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I'm in the process of deciding to re-mount my transmission on my chassis after observing that there is room for it to go down in relation to the ground. My rear shocks have enough droop left in them to gain 1-1/2" droop of travel.

My questions are:
1. what angle should i put this transmission in there? Right now it's about 6 degrees from bottom rail of chassis.
2. how would you go about mocking-up the transmission, I was thinking of clamping tabs onto the transmission, attaching CV's and shocks to arms without torsion bars. Then I would cycle and check for binding
3. are there any tips or things I should be trying to achieve? My nosecone could be lowered about an inch before the front mid-plate would be resting on the skid plate. This I believe is my starting point and main constraint so far.

Any advice or instructions would help me out a lot. I have a precision angle finder and believe I can get it in there with a good amount of precision but might be over-thinking this on. Help me get back on the track so you've got someone else to beat up on!