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2 or 4 seater for BITD racing ?

jon coleman

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well , from past experiance, a buddy of mine had a 3 seater jeep, he somehow always had those two extra seats sold to help w his racing costs

jon coleman

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handling longer wheel base generally is better for higher speeds, sxs seem to like the tight & twisty aspect of there design, so shorter wheel base for technical stuff?, wayne matlock is the person i would try to reach fir the low down on the hot sxs ticket.good luck.j


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Guessing it will depend on if you go Canam or Polaris. Polaris I would go 4 seat. Canam 2 seat. 4 seat Canam seems way too long for racing IMHO

Total Loss

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Seth Quintero is killing it in his 2 seat Polaris NA car this year.
Depends on a lot of factors.

Weight is probably on his side since he is in the NA class. As for the turbo class, Both lengths are winning but Blurton is hard to beat in his 2 seat when he has no issues...preference and set up.

More weight =more stress...especially on belts and axles.


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Boondocker used to make a stretch kit for the 2 seater that brought the wheelbase out to 102" that was supposed to be a pretty sweet setup...