2003 Pro900 Membership Fee Poll-Three Race Series

2003 Pro900 Three Race Series Membership Fee

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Class 9 Teams,
This is the third in a series of Polls designed to get adequate data with which to get the Pro900 Series up and running. This poll asks how much you want for the 2003 three race series membership fees. Formulanine.com wants your opinion on how you want the series set up for 2003. Give us your opinion.

2003 Pro900 Membership Fee-Three Race Series

2003 Three Race Pro900 Series
Vote for the membership fee amount that you would like to pay into the prize fund to join Pro900 for a three race series in 2003. Total amount will be divided up three ways with one-third going into each race pot OR divided four ways with 25% to each race pot and the remaining 25% going into the overall series points fund (see Series Points Fund Poll). This is in addition to the normal entry fees paid to the promoter.