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2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd Mid-travel/suspension options

Wyatt K

New Member
Hi guys,

Im looking to improve the ride of my silverado for some off-road use. It is my daily driver as well so i wont be driving it recklessly. I just want the ride to be smoother when i decide to go up into the hills near my house. Do you guys have any recommendations for suspension lifts/ mid-travel kits that dont totally break my bank? I am definitely leaning towards getting some King 2.5s. I want the front end to sit just a little higher than the rear.

Just looking for some opinions as i am getting ready to make the purchase soon.

Also, can you guys help explain to me what the necessary parts are to get started if I'm going to purchase over time if I don't have enough money right away?


BTF makes a clean mid travel kit for a good price. Bolts up and some fabrication required to the stock coil bucket and you can run a 2.0 shocks.

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